Hydra Vegetal 100H Non-Stop Moisturizing Serum 30ml


Endlessly water infused, plumbed & refreshed skin for 100H*

From the first application of the serum, skin is moisturized continuously for 100h *, fresh and comfortable.

After 1 month, skin is plumped and radiant.

  • Skin type : All skin types.
  • Texture : Ultra-Fresh liquid.
  • Benefits : Skin hydration.

Whyedulis cellular water ?

Its triple moisturizing action will store water at the core of skin **, diffuse it to all layers of the epidermis and limit its evaporation for continuous hydration.

Results :
+40% - immediate hydration ***
+15% - hydration 100H after applying ***
92% - claim that their skin is comfortable ****
81% - claim that their skin is plumped ****

How to use :
Apply on entire face, morning and evening, alone or before your cream.

* Clinical study, 12 cases, after one application, 100H result after one application
** In vitro tests
*** Objective clinical study using corneometry carried out on 12 subjects after 1 application
**** Objective clinical study carried out on 23 subjects


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