Yves Rocher is the No. 1 Beauty Care Brand in France

La Gacilly: The Green Lung Of Yves Rocher

In 1959, in the attic of his family home in La Gacilly in Brittany, Mr. Yves Rocher created Botanical Beauty, an innovative beauty concept that draws its ingredients from nature and combines them with the best of science. More than just a source of inspiration, nature is at the core of our business.
At La Gacilly, we grow and harvest plants with passion. Faithful to our convictions and methods, everything is carried out in our laboratories and our industrial plants. For 60 years, we have explored the Botanical world and drawn from its richness to provide solutions for women's every beauty concern

Our Active Ingredients Are 100% Botanical

Every day, our Experts study and decipher the Genius of the Botanical to choose the best extracts and extract their power thanks to exclusive extraction procedures. Our goal is to offer our customers formulas that are increasingly natural while continuing to ensure effectiveness and a sensory experience.

Increasingly Natural Formulas

Yves Rocher Cream

Our formulation charter goes beyond the European regulations. All our products are developed to guarantee safety, effectiveness and sensoriality. 97% of our products are paraben-free, and for the remaining 3%, our experts are tirelessly searching for an effective and safe natural alternative!

100% Of Our Products Are Developed Using An Eco-Design Approach

87% of our PET bottles contain recycled plastic. Saving over 330 tons of plastic in 2017

We control the entire lifecycle of our products, which allows us to reduce our environmental footprint. Therefore, we decrease our consumption of non-renewable raw materials and use recycled or recyclable materials for our packaging. We reduced by 19% the weight of our plastic packaging compared to 2010 for an annual reduction of more than 1,000 tons of plastic.

Our Botanical Sources

We grow our own plants on 60 hectares of certified organic fields in La Gacilly, France. The remainder of our botanical ingredients come from all over the world. We select them from partners who share our values and pay great attention to the realities in the field in order to ensure decent working and living conditions for the local communities, as well as fair pay.

In the same way, we are attentive to the conditions for growing and harvesting plants to guarantee sustainability of the resource and ensure minimal environmental impact. For our Emblematic skincare range Elixir Jeunesse, we selected the Aphloia from Madagascar.

Taking Action For The Respect Of Nature

Yves Rocher, Sponsor Of The Yves Rocher Foundation Since 1991

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our actions whether it comes to our products or our patronage. We support the Yves Rocher Foundation plant trees to preserve biodiversity and supporting the fight of women committed to protecting the environment.

Thanks to our international tribe of planters and the expertise of 42 NGOs, the “Plant for the Planet” program is active in 35 countries on five continents and is bringing us ever-closer to our goal of planting 100 million trees by 2020.